BIFD مهرجان بابل الاول لطب الاسنان


Date: 24-25 November 2017
Location: Babil, Babylon, Iraq

Top Reasons to attend BIFD 2017

Explore Babylon
An Iraqi city thousands years ago was the capital of the Babylon civilization
during the Hamorabi era, where the Babylonians ruled the Mesopotamian
regions and ruled the first Babylonian dynasty under Hammurabi (1792-
1750 BC) in most of the Mesopotamian provinces. Babylon became the
capital of the Euphrates which is the famous landmark for its civilization.

Exhibit Floor
The festival is going to host several international lecturers from different
countries around the world . Also it will include a scientific offices that will
show the latest materials and tools related to dentistry .Increases the
knowledge about the latest products and dental services. Touch, feel and
compare thousands of instruments from top industry vendors.

Special Events
Babylon International Dental Festival Is the first festival to be established in the province of
Babylon in Iraq for dentistry coincided with Babylon artistic and educational festival that will
financially supporting orphans and cancer children in the province. There will also be hotels
equipped for attendees, discounted prices and many others offers and surprises.. this
festival will highlight the ancient city of Babylon, which dates back thousands of years
,where there will be tours with a guide to elucidate everything … It will be starting at 24-25 of
November 2017 , Registration will be open soon so stay tuned for more

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